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Helpful Websites

Arkansas Judiciary Website: Arkansas Administrative Order No. 10 & Affidavit of Financial Means

This link provides information relating to the Arkansas Child Support Guidelines and Family Support Chart.  This link also gives you access to the PDF file of the Affidavit of Financial Means that is required to be completed by both parties prior to any family law hearing when support is an issue. 


Help Guide - Children & Divorce: Helping Yours Kids Cope With the Effects of Separation & Divorce

Select this link to read a great article on helping your children copy with separation and divoce. 


Scientific American - Is Divorce Bad for Children? 

Feeling guilty your divorce? Select this link for positive information relating to the long and short term effects of divorce on children. 


Divorce Source - Family & Marriage Counseling Articles

This link contains a plethora of information and article links to family and marriage articles.  


American Psychological Association - Divorce Articles

The American Psychological Association provides an extensive overview of the psychological aspects of divorce.  Be sure to read, "Can this Marriage be Saved?"


Divorce Source - Lawyer - Client Relationship Articles

Select this link to read articles relating to how to choose the right attorney for you and how to help your attorney prepare your case. 

Addiction Group - Alcohol Effects, Addiction Treatment, and Resources

Select this link to read articles relating to alcohol addiction, treatment and resources




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