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Child Support Modification


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Child Support


Administrative Order No. 10 provides the Arkansas child support guidelines. All orders granting or modifying child support must state: the “payor’s” (the person paying the child support) income; the amount of support due under the child support guidelines; and whether the court deviated, or the parties agreed to deviate, from the Family Support Chart. If a deviation is granted or agreed to by the parties, the order must specifically state the justification for the deviation.


Under Arkansas law, the custodial parent is entitled to request proof of income from the noncustodial parent (or the parent paying child support) one time per year. If a material change has occurred, you may be entitled to a child support modification.


You may be entitled to a child support modification if any of the following has occurred:


  • A decrease in income;

  • An increase in income;

  • Your ex-spouse has failed to timely make child support payments, and a child support arrearage has resulted;

  • A child turns eighteen or graduates from high school;

  • The financial needs of the child have changed;

  • The custody/visitation arrangement has changed since the entry of the child support order;

  • Child support was not properly calculated when the initial order granting child support was issued; and

  • The child no longer resides with the custodial parent.

If you believe that the child support order in your case is no longer appropriate, contact M.W. Law, PLLC to schedule a consultation to determine whether you are entitled to file a “Motion to Modify Child Support.”

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