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Domestic Relations Practice Area

Post Decree Modificaiton

Under certain circumstances, a decree of divorce may be modified. Despite this fact, it is important that your decree of divorce accurately reflects your agreement with your ex-spouse or the court’s order. In order to modify the decree of divorce, you must prove to the court that a material change has occurred that necessitates a modification of the decree of divorce.  In other words, if you cannot meet the burden of proof required, you will not be permitted to modify the decree of divorce without the agreement of the other party.


A post-decree modification may be sought to modify any of the following:


  • Alimony (spousal support);

  • Child Support;

  • Custody; and

  • Visitation.


If you believe that you are entitled to a post decree modification, contact M.W. Law, PLLC to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options. 

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